About Us

Delivering the True Value of Your Marketing Dollars

We are not your typical agency; we are a creatively driven team of doers and thinkers. This is the secret to our success and yours.

Who We Are

Matthews Media is a proudly Canadian digital marketing agency capable of integrating internet and social media into a powerful and unified force for your business. Located in Northumberland County, yet only a few hours away from major cities, we have developed the flexibility to address the needs of enterprises both small and large.

Matthews Media develops provocative, eclectic, comprehensive alternatives to traditional advertising and marketing. Our business internet services start with an overview of the marketing process including research, branding, creativity, strategic goals, and media. We guide our clients through a variety of internet-based strategies (e.g. email campaigns, web design, advertising, publicity, sales promotion) and create an effective consumer and business-to-business marketing communication program.

Our Approach

Promote Your Brand across All Platforms

Our integrated marketing approach maximizes your company's outreach, from email campaigns to electronic newsletters, print materials and the interactive use of social media. We integrate these platforms into a seamless marketing and creative strategy aimed at promoting your brand and increasing revenue.

We know that companies can lose out to competitors should they ignore technological innovations in its industry. Consumer demand for mobile products such as Smartphones and tablets has transformed marketing strategies. Messages are "reposted and retweeted" from user to user, visible to thousands instantly. Yet traditional marketing, still touching many, cannot be discarded.

Our Approach to addressing your marketing needs involves:
Data is gathered from various sources such as online forms, mobile phone applications, and more recently, social media. Systems are designed to convert data analytics into information, improving a company's marketing decision-making process.
Our integrated marketing approach unifies traditional marketing with internet marketing. Email campaigns, video, wireless media, as well as traditional methods like newsprint and flyers become one. Television and print direct clients to well-designed websites complete with current product information and order forms operating 24/7.
From original videos on YouTube, tweets, online forms, crowd funding and data analysis, Matthews Media integrates innovative strategies to maximize your return on investment.
Matthews Media coordinates the implementation, monitoring and fine tuning of conventional and internet marketing. We offer individual marketing plans focusing on increasing your revenue within your budget. We want to grow with you.
These four stages are built into all our projects. We aim to deliver optimal results and effectiveness.

Our History