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It would be easy to brush off web design as a tool for other businesses; a service that requires only the most basic set-up and maintenance for anyone but law firms and corporate enterprise. "A one-pager will be fine" is an oft-heart statement, even in 2014.

We beg to differ — and not, we promise, merely because it helps our business. Small-ish communities like Cobourg, Port Hope, or all of Northumberland County are quickly beginning their long-inevitable transitions into urban extensions...or suburban sprawl. However you want to look at it. In any case, proper web design is what's more likely to keep up with the influx of new business and the steady flow of a rising populace. People want more, and you should give them more.

We've mentioned before on this blog that web designs these days, especially in communities like Cobourg or Port Hope, have to be - or at least should be - responsive, meaning they morph and adjust to fit mobile screens like the one you're probably reading this article on while you should be watching the road or paying attention to what your auditor is saying. There was a time as soon as a few years ago where it would be forgivable to not bear the responsive capabilities in mind at all. Alas, no longer. People like their web designs active as fast as possible, and it's safe to say that there are fewer ways of getting people to write your business off completely than having a website that doesn't fit their phone or iPad.

Also, without getting condescending here, but people like color, and it's harder than you think to get a really unique kind of vibrancy with a one-page website that looks like it came right out of a Windows 98 preset menu. (Remember Windows 98? Ahh, good times. Or maybe not. Too late to turn back now.) Only by hiring a professional web design company will a client be able to receive a full - if you will - textural richness that typifies the most dynamic businesses. As easy as it may be, a lot of the time Wordpress or other equivalent CMS template sites just won’t cut it for business web design.

Additionally - and not to get too fatalistic here - every action you take on the web, particularly in a small community where word gets around, has a clear consequence on how not just your business, but your area is perceived by potential investors or developers. Like it or not, what you do has that kind of effect, especially since people may be skimming around looking for a business like yours and will almost certainly take note of where you're operating from. So if nothing else, do it for your community!

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