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Flickr: Not Just for Angst-Ridden Teenagers

Needless to say, a 21st century business can’t overestimate the importance of imagery when they’re getting their social media content out to the big wide world. Though many businesses don’t take advantage of it, runs on nothing but imagery, and thus makes it very easy - and, crucially, somewhat addictive - for a prospective client (or investor) to scroll through your business content without even, perhaps, realizing how much they’re absorbing.

Though the average start-up business may not want to believe it, Flickr can cover a lot more ground than the millions of cat photos and bathroom “selfies” (which comprise about 40% of the internet) would lead you to believe. The beauty of the site is that a user who scrolls through your image content will subliminally pick up on facets of your business that they might have to actively search for in a text page.

In this context, there is basically no such thing as too much information — at least, not when it relates to your business. We at Matthews Media, for instance, can post pictures of our design work, yes, but we can also post images of the clients and companies we assist. Hence, more people get drawn to our clients through our image feed, meaning more business for them which in many cases, of course, means more business for us. As long as you have something as universal as imagery, and as long as it all can stem from your specific page, your audience is, again, subliminally absorbing information that you provide, and their attention will be directed back to the source: you.

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