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TweetStats: The Business World's Friendless Friend

Something of a not-entirely-well-kept secret in the business world’s social media orbit is TweetStats. TweetStats is, at least according to the site itself, used by nearly a million Twitter users, yet it appears as though not enough businesses are taking full advantage of its services.

The name alone should tell you the gist: TweetStats graphs and analyzes the rate and consistency of your activity on Twitter. For a modern business where being on the cutting edge of social media exposure is paramount, this service - a free one, at that - is more useful than many people realize.

The ability to track exact statistics on social media is important for two fairly obvious reasons: (a) it lets you know where your business’ strong and weak points are in terms of getting your information out to the Twitterverse, and (b) its statistics are precise and untouchable in a way that prospective clients can see how much range you’re getting, and how many people you’re reaching. For web design services like Matthews Media especially, this is integral information.

Of course, one can always check how many people are simply following your business’ Twitter feed, and how many Tweets you’ve made, and how many people you’re following. But without TweetStats, you can’t compare and contrast the sheer rate of your Tweets, e.g. which days attract the most traffic, who is most likely to respond (or has already responded), and a monthly and multi-monthly chart that graphs your activity over a long period of time. To investors, this kind of info is exactly what they’ll use to judge your willingness to pull people in who may not otherwise know you even exist.

One problem, though: TweetStats is run independently, and so the likelihood of it working all the time is not 100%. The fixes go on and off and usually last a few days every couple of months. As more and more companies catch on to its usefulness, however, it’s safe to say that the independents who run TweetStats will get it working on a consistent basis, to map their traffic and yours.

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